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Welcome to all of you visiting this web site.  My name is Sharen Martinson.  The lives of these beautiful cats on this web site are a tribute to my aunt Gloria.  She was a dedicated cat lover rescuing the cats pictured on this site, plus many more over the years.  My aunt worked tirelessly to care for cats in need.  She recently passed away suddenly leaving all of her eleven beloved cats in need of a home  (however, one has since passed away, and two have found a special home together).    We  have found the perfect place at C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter where the rest of her cats  will be happy and well taken care of. ​​

Weare hoping Angels like you, who love cats as much as she did, will help us give Gloria's cats their forever home.

C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter  ( takes care of hundreds of cats at their beautiful country sanctuary, including medically needy cats.   They offer estate planning in their "safety net" program where you can rest assured that your cats will be taken care of forever once you pass away.  We are raising funds to assist with this program to give a great forever home to Gloria's cats!  She would be so thankful.

         Gloria Burgy
​12/24/1945 - 4/9/2018


(please note it is for help the cats)

         THANK YOU! 


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