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Animal Communication
        Sharen Martinson
I have done over a thousand animal communication consultations.  I offered my services for ten years in California before moving back to Iowa in 2002.  Life took me in a different direction, but I still continued helping family and friends.  I am coming out of "retirement" to help the cats with their forever home at C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter.
I began way back when there were only a few of us in the field.  I studied Penelope Smith's methods and took a workshop with Carol Gurney.  I gained my experience volunteering to help a rescue group in Santa Monica assisting with their rescued cats and dogs.  A friend who worked with racehorses often consulted with me to check in with the horses.  I was able to help many animals as they helped me to learn how to talk to them and interpret their messages.
An article was written in the Los Angeles Times newspaper about me for finding a lost animal using animal communication. The Malibu Times newspaper featured an article about my Animal Communication services.  I often worked with the entertainment industry, and a television show was even discussed.  Being more comfortable talking with animals than humans,  I prefered a quiet country life behind the camera and not in front of it.     
I have communicated with wild animals as well as our beloved animal companions

What Is Animal Communication?