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Examples of Mirroring

               Animal's Behavior                                                              Guardian's Behavior​​

cat pooping outside litter box                                      expressed or unexpressed anger
                                                                                             verbal or physical abuse
cat peeing outside of litter box                                    too many changes
                                                                                             not letting go of grief

continuous barking or meowing                                  too much complaining or noise
l                                                                                                                                                                                                              lack of peace

destroying items in the house                                      anxiety, boredom, self-sabatoge

leash pulling                                                                      trying too hard without focus,                                                                                                         not enough exercise

unsociable with other animals                                      fear, isolation, lack of love

Our own stress and emotions always effect our animals, who like children, may act out until the situation improves.  Each case is unique.  All of the above examples can also result from physical, emotional, or management issues.  Please check with your veterinarian before calling for an animal communication consultation.  Animal communication does not take the place of veterinarian care or training.  A communication can offer insight into your animal's viewpoint to increase understanding and awareness of what is needed to bring about a solution to what is out of balance.

Sometimes change can be simple and quick as your animal indicates a solution.  Deeper issues may take time to resolve as they may require your own willingness to change.  Communicating with your beloved friend can be the first step to solving behavior issues or nuturing a healthy relationship.  Often it is necessary for us humans to restore our own balance and peace in our lives.  Our animals are teaching us what we need in our own lives as we help them with theirs.