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What is Animal Communication?​

 Animal Communication is a natural gift inherant in each one of us.  It is simply becoming quiet inside and allowing our heart to connect with our animal's heart.  In that heart space is the knowing of our animal's true essence and where we can hear their "voice."  We all communicate with our beloved companions in our own special way all the time.  They understand us often better than we understand ourselves.  Our animals do their best to teach and heal us.  Sometimes we may need some help to know  what our animal needs or is trying to tell us.  Understanding can  be challenging when we are too close to the situation with our emotions or thoughts to get a clear view.  That's where an animal communicator can help.   I tune in to your animal's heart, feel their essence, and intuitively receive their wishes, desires, and message as I answer questions important to you.
I serve as a translator so you can gain insight into your animal's viewpoint.

How Can My Animal Companion Help Me?

Our animal's teach us how to reconnect to a part of ourselves we have forgotten where we can sense a oneness with nature, other creatures, and a divine power that links us all together.  They show us love is not about doing but simply about being.   Animals wish for us to see ourselves as they see us, as beautiful and special beings who deserve to be loved unconditionally.
Our animals love us for who we are without judgment.  They view the limiting aspects of ourselves as a spiritual journey for us to become whole.  Animals can take on our emotions and our stress to try to protect and comfort us.  They gladly mirror to us what we need to heal and grow so we can learn to love and accept ourselves.  

How is my animal a mirror for me?

We can see the reflection of ourselves our animals lovingly share in their joy, playfulness, and faith in us.  Loving our animals reflects the true joy in our own hearts.
Looking  in that pure mirror of love reflects a sense of wholeness, connection to nature and to the Creator.  Valuing our animal's life mirrors the sacredness of our own life.
Just as higher aspects are mirrored our animals can also show us what is missing in ourselves by reflecting our own lives and relationships.  Behavior issues often have as their root issue our own unhealed emotional traumas.

Examples of Mirroring